v1.0 – It’s prime time :-)

Version 1.0 is out on the market. It includes some final improvements, it loads faster, it takes less memory, to give you the best experience for accessing your your favorites on your phone. Look at the change log for more details.

So, what’s next?

I’m starting to work on UltimateFavesPRO now. Like UltimateFaves? You’ll LOVE UltimateFavesPRO. It’s going to bring more carousels, more speed, more graphics, and many more features.

In the next few weeks, while I’m working hard for you, you can do the following for me:

  • Take a minute and donate. Any donation would be highly appreciated 🙂
  • Leave a comment, share your impressions.
  • Think it’s a five-start app? Rate UltimateFaves on the Android market.
  • Spread the word.

3 Responses to v1.0 – It’s prime time :-)

  1. summer says:

    Wowee! I have HTC Hero and love this feature. would love to know when the pro is out . Can you add a feature so that you can change the look of the icons as some applications have awful icons also petty fonts and colours for different caresols would be extra awesome . Great work BTW ! X

    • Lior Gonnen says:

      It’s always a pleasure to get feedback from users that enjoy the app. It’s one of the biggest pleasures, actually, when it comes to creating free software 🙂

      The first public beta of UltimateFavesPRO is planned to be released on Nov 6th which is just around the corner, and UltimteFaves 2.0 (free) about a week later.
      This first release will contain only the core functionality (New OpenGL graphics, unlimited number of carousels, a generally improved user-experience) with tons and tons of features coming in the following weeks in about two updates per week, some of which are custom icons for everything! custom fonts and colors for carousel titles, and so much more! So there’s a lot to wait for 🙂

      UltimateFavesPRO, will be available for purchase on SlideME (http://mobentoo.com) initially, and not on the Android market, a link will be available through the blog, or using UltimateFaves.

  2. Tahnie says:

    I think that this app is EXCELLENT! By far the most useful and my favorite! I can’t wait for the next version!!

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