Custom Settings – It’s The Name Of The Game!

The next release of UltimateFavesPRO and UltimateFaves is going to include tons of custom settings.
Here’s the current list:

  • Background type (solid-color / gradient)
  • Background transparency
  • Background color
  • Custom carousel speed
  • Custom icon size
  • Full control over screen orientation
  • Rotation on vibration
  • Rotation on selection
  • Up/Down swipe gestures
  • Show / Hide lables
  • Show / Hide carousel names
  • Show / Hide info-bar

In addition to the already existing settings:

  • Quick access notification
  • Enable on startup
  • Camera quick access
  • Exit on selection

Stay tuned 🙂


4 Responses to Custom Settings – It’s The Name Of The Game!

  1. Matthew Poole says:

    I love the app, however.. I would like it on my home screen. Can you add that please

    • Lior Gonnen says:

      Hi Matthew,
      I’ve answered this question many times before:
      The only reason UltimateFavesPRO is not a widget, is because widgets are very limited in what they can do, they cannot have sophisticated graphics, animations and user interaction like UltimateFavesPRO has.

      The only way to do it, is to create an alternate home screen application with the same functionality. I’ve been playing with the thought of doing it, but I’m not planning to do it in the near future.

      Anyhow, UltimateFaves lets you create shortcuts to specific carousels, and you can place any number of shortcuts on any of your home screens.
      To create a shortcut to a specific carousel, from your home screen, click on Menu -> Add -> Shortcut -> UltimateFavesPRO -> Select the desired carousel.

  2. Roger says:

    Froyo Compatibility?

    • Lior Gonnen says:

      Hi Roger,
      Starting from version 2.5 (currently on the market), the application was compiled and built with the Froyo SDK.

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