UltimateFavesPRO 1.1 / UltimateFaves 2.1

UltimateFavesPRO v1.1 / UltimateFaves v2.1 are all about customization, here are just random examples of how a carousel can look on your screen:

Control background color, type, transparency, icon size, and so much more...

You will not find UltimateFavesPRO in the add widget window anymore, instead you can find it in the add shortcuts dialog, to create shortcuts to specific carousels:


The new direct-shortcuts will obviously fit perfectly to your home screen

The new direct-carousel-shortcuts will fit perfectly to your home screen

Application Settings

  • Quick access notification – Put an ongoing notification icon, to access the application anytime, anywhere
  • Enable on startup – Put the quick access notification immediately when your phone starts.
  • Camera quick access – For G1 users: Use the camera button to launch the applicatiom.
  • Exit on selection – Once a carousel item is clicked, the application can automatically exit, or wait for you until you press back and return to it.

Settings screen - Part 1

Carousel Settings

  • Carousel speed – Select the maximum carousel speed in degrees/second.
  • Use global settings – Apply global settings to all carousels, or use per-carousel settings.
  • Carousel specific settings – When the above option is unchecked, customize specific carousel settings.
  • Show labels – Show labels under carousel items.
  • Show info bar – Show additional info when a carousel item is selected.
  • Show carousel name – Show the carousel name at the top of the screen
  • Carousel icon size – Customize the icon size

Settings Screen - Part 2

User-Interface Settings

  • Background type – Solid color or gradient
  • Background color – It’s a matter of taste 🙂
  • Background transparency – Anything from transparent to opaque.
  • Screen orientation – Fixed portrait, Fixed landscape, or automatic.

Settings Screen - Part 3

User-Experience Settings

  • Rotation vibration – Haptic feedback when the carousel is revolving.
  • Selection vibration – Haptic feedback when a carousel item is clicked or long-clicked (for context menu)

Gesture Settings

  • Up/down swipe gestures – Use up/down flings to switch between carousels
  • Show gesture message – When a gesture is detected, a quick-message (toast) can be displayed.

Settings Screen - Part 4


  • Pop-in animation – On startup, the carousel will pop into your screen
  • Pop-out animation – On exit, the carousel will vanish on the horizon

Additional Information

  • Online help
  • Visit the blog – Well, you’re here, and I’m glad you are 🙂

Settings Screen - Part 5


10 Responses to UltimateFavesPRO 1.1 / UltimateFaves 2.1

  1. Bugie says:

    Pretty cool! Nothing to complain about. 🙂 Great work!

    I hope I’ll find some time to promote your app in a (german) blog article soon.


  2. Lior Gonnen says:

    That would be great! Let me know…

  3. Hi Lior,

    Great job again – I really love this app, it’s helped me to tidy my homescreens down to 5 nice clean tidy ones! The shortcut idea looks great and I’m sure that it’ll help me by speeding up my desktop loading time (widgets can slow it down).

    Just one quick question, I managed to sort out the SlideMe/Mobento Market and got the Pro version, but I’m not seeing the update on there, is it somewhere else now or am I missing something? How do I update the app?

    Thanks again for the great work, you are a star!


    • Lior Gonnen says:

      Hi Ethan,
      I always enjoy reading your feedback!

      I’ve removed the application from SlideME. On the next update, I will e-mail all SlideME buyers with a download link to the update, and they will continue to receive update e-mails, which is the same mechanism used for people who buy the application right here on the blog.

      • David Bacchus says:


        Very nice app! I just downloaded it and have been playing around with it. It seems like it would be so much cooler if I could just have it on my desktop rather than a shortcut. Why did you remove it from the “widgets?”

        Is there a way I can make it a widget and make the background 100% transparent? Can I change the text color?

        Thanks again!


      • Lior Gonnen says:

        Hi David,
        You can create shortcuts to specific carousels, not just a shortcut to the main application.
        Creating a carousel-widget is technically impossible, since widgets are very limited in what they can do in the Android SDK.

        You can create different carousels, and put as many carousel specific shortcuts as you want.
        You can change the background color to transparent via the settings menu

  4. Hi Lior,

    Just found your application on http://androidforums.com/android-applications/1183-favorite-app-so-far-5.html and bought it. Nice idea, good app!

    A couple of suggestions:
    1) I think it would be nice to be able to show different icons for different UltimateFaves shortcuts sitting on home screen. Not sure it’s possible, though.
    2) I tried to name a carousel in Russian – it didn’t allow me to enter Cyrillic (Unicode) characters. It’s a first time I see such behavior in Android, I thought Unicode support is here by default. (I used Cyrillic keyboard application, never saw it not working before.)
    3) Maybe it is possible / feasible to allow carousels of different sizes?

    Thanks again.

    • Lior Gonnen says:

      Hi Vlad,

      1) Of course it’s possible, and I’m planning to add custom icons support soon!
      2) Carousel name is currently limited, but I will fix it in the next update (planned for the upcoming weekend)
      3) You can create carousels with a different number of items, and each carousel can have different icon size. What else do you need?

      Enjoy the app 🙂

  5. Chuck says:

    When trying to create a carousel with my phone contacts, only one contact shows up, and it’s a contact that I had previously created a shortcut icon for.

    I’m using Android 2.0 on the Droid, and I’d like to have some frequent contacts in a carousel, but only the one is showing up in the list of options to chose from.

    Seems like a neat app, though.

    • Lior Gonnen says:

      Hi Chuck,
      1. You need to make sure that your contacts have a default number assigned to them. A default number is denoted by a small check-mark next to the number.
      2. To assign a default number, open your phone’s Contacts app, edit the contact, long-press the desired number, and select ‘Make default number’.
      3. Also, make sure that under Contacts app, contacts tab, when clicking on menu -> display options -> ‘choose accounts to display’, the relevant accounts are selected.

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