A Common Question from Motorola Droid Users

Every other day I get an e-mail from a Motorola Droid user, saying that when trying to add a contact-card / phone to the carousel, the list of contacts is empty.

If you encounter this problem, simply follow these steps:

  • Make sure that all your contacts have a default number assigned to them.
  • A default number is denoted by a small check-mark next to the number.
  • To assign a default number, open the Contacts app, edit the contact, long-press the desired number, and select ‘Make default number’.
  • Go to the contacts tab, click on Menu -> Account, and make sure that the relevant accounts appear under ‘Accounts to display’.


37 Responses to A Common Question from Motorola Droid Users

  1. cliff says:

    I am having trouble getting to the setup once I have run the app a couple of times. The apparently comes up OK but the menu button doesn’t work and the name of the carousel doesn’t show at the top.

    • Lior Gonnen says:

      The application doesn’t tamper with the menu button’s functionality. It’s responsiveness is up to the Android version running on your phone.

      To see the name of the carousel at the top. Make sure that one of the following applies:
      1. Under Menu -> Settings, in case “Use global settings” is checked, make sure that “Show carousel name” is also checked.
      2. Under Menu -> Settings, in case “Use global settings” is not checked, Click on “Carousel specific settings”, and make sure that “Show carousel name” is also checked.

  2. Cliff says:

    The problem is after I have run the application, the ability to change the settings goes away. I press the menu button and the setting, etc, doesn’t show up at the bottom of the screen. I just restarted the phone the label at the top showed up and as soon as I pressed the menu button at the bottom the label went away and the settings panel at the bottom did not show.

  3. Wally M says:

    kinda sad bout no widget. the main purpose of a home screen is to press as minimal amount of buttons as possible. I don’t want to have to press start something (irregardless if its preloaded) THEN spin thru apps then press a button again.

    I boot up and there is a carousel with some other widgets on the bottom. or just a a carousel…

    anyway the concept is soooo cool.

    • Lior Gonnen says:

      First of all, the reason there’s no widget is only technical: Widgets are very limited in what they can do. A widget cannot have 3D graphics and animations like UltimateFaves does.
      If you’re using UltimateFaves, it takes only two clicks to call someone, e-mail someone, SMS someone, open one of your favorite bookmarks, or launch an application. That’s at least two clicks less than the standard way, unless you’re using home-screen shortcuts, but then your home screen is too cluttered.

      Anyhow, like everything else, you may like it, and you may not, you can use some of the features, and not use others. It’s all up to you!

      Teaser: In just a few days you will be able to do a whole lot more in just 2 clicks. Stay tuned 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    Love the idea of the carousel! Don’t even mind too much right now that it can’t be widget’ized. The problem I’m seeing has to do with the transparency settings.
    It seems to be backwards from my perspective.

    What is labeled as “0% (Opaque)” makes the selected background color/grandient ‘mostly’ transparent.
    The “100% (Transparent)” setting makes the background color/gradient completely opaque (can’t see my home background image).

    This isn’t so much of an issue expect what I’m wanting to accomplish is to have my actual home background fully visible…which I would assume would occcur once I’ve gone with 100% transparecy. But, the most I can get is ‘nearly’ completely transparent. I ALWAYS have some amount of the color/grandient visible no matter what % I select.
    (If it matters, this is on a DROID 2.0.1 running GDE)

    • Lior Gonnen says:

      If you want to the background to be fully transparent, use the following settings: Background type = Solid color, Background transparency = 100%.
      That’s because a gradient always has a certain amount of transparency.

      • Chris says:

        Tried this configuration already. This results in a completely white background that is completely opaque. All I see is a white background and the carousel.

      • cliff says:

        Now you have two people experiencing the same thing both work Droids. Maybe its the result of the new OS release…

      • Arun says:

        I have the same problem on my Droid… when I try set the transparency to 0% it shows up as a light haze over the background but not fully transparent where as 100% makes it completely ghostly white.

      • Lior Gonnen says:

        There’s already a fix for that in the new build. If all goes well it should be out on Tuesday.

      • cliff says:

        Where do I find the update if it is out?

      • steve says:

        Add another Droid user to the transparency issue list. This is one of the things from keeping me from going pro. On an unrelated note, Do I need access to a windows box to install pro on my phone?

      • Lior Gonnen says:

        Hi Steve,
        You can download directly to your phone and install with a single click. No need for anything else.
        Thanks for the feedback regarding the transparency issue.

      • Steve says:

        Hello Lior, I just purchased the pro version. When I clicked the link my droid failed to download it. I ended up downloading to my mac & installed it with apkinstaller. The transparency is working fine with the pro version & my Droid. This is functional eye candy:)
        Thanks again for making one slick looking app.
        -Request Alert-
        It would be cool if you could offset the carousel. lower third, upper third or center of screen.
        Thanks again & great app.

  5. cliff says:

    For me it turns completely white no transparency.

  6. Bugie says:


    again some feature requests:

    – make items in carousel sortable. Actually item sequence is fix and position from last exit is not saved
    – app had the feature to stay in memory (to start faster) in the past. This would be great again 😉
    – long-click on a contact should always give all options (call, mail, short message). Actually you only get these options if a contact has been added with these shortcuts
    – custom images for the UltimateFaves-Shortcuts (if possible)

    It would be great if you could implement these.

    I finally wrote the blog article I promised some time ago: http://blog.bugie.de/?p=720 (german)

    Kind regards,

  7. Lior Gonnen says:

    First of all, thank you for writing your blog post!

    1. I’m working on a large update now, with new features and a few bug-fixes. The update is going to include new carousel types (Other than ‘user-defined’). You will be able to create carousels that show the recent tasks, (16 instead of Android’s default 6 when long-pressing home), the current running tasks, and current running processes. You will be able to kill running-apps, and uninstall apps, making UltimateFavesPRO a mini task-manager. You will also have a carousel that lets you toggle frequent system settings, like Wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode, ringer, etc. I will make this official with a blog-post in just a couple of days.
    2. I’m planning to add item sorting, but it would wait for one of the next updates. (Next update, btw, after the one mentioned above, is going to include custom icon-packs, it’s going to rock!). In the meanwhile, I can give you a tip: Items in the carousel appear in the order they were added (the order you enable the check-boxes)
    3. I’ll add the rest of the long-press menu commands, that’s not a problem.
    4. I removed the stay-in-memory feature, simply because UltimateFavesPRO (and UltimateFaves 2.0) load much faster than the older version, so the impact is not as noticeable, but I’ll consider it.

  8. Bugie says:

    Cool! 🙂

    4. I just tested that. You’re right, the impact is not so big but noticeable. Maybe it would not take much time because you already implemented it. So it would be good to be an option.
    It’s more disturbing that whole screen goes black for half a second when starting the app. Is it possible to change this?

    2. I already found that out. But sorting would be nicer. 😉

    I wish you much fun working on that app!


  9. ES says:

    Just wanted to check in to see what the status is of the next update. I want to buy but will wait for these updates.

    My biggest complaint is the speed of getting the carousel booted and spinning.


    • Lior Gonnen says:

      Next update is in progress, but it will not change anything related to the carousel speed. If you feel that the carousel is starting too slow for you, it will be the same on the next update as well.

      On my HTC Magic, it takes something like 0.5 – 1.5 seconds from clicking on a home screen shortcut, until the carousel starts spinning. This is very very reasonable, and I don’t believe that you’ll find any application that uses OpenGL graphics that loads faster than that.

      UltimateFavesPRO is designed from the ground up for performance. That’s why the carousel loads, and only after that the icons are loaded into memory (that’s the flip that the carousel items do – Each one flips when its icon is loaded into memory).

      Maybe you should get a faster phone 😉

      • ES says:

        Can’t get much faster, i’m using a Motorola Droid!

        I just tested something and it seems some of the lag is from using it within Home++. I switched to the original home screen and the carousel loads much faster.

        Looking forward to the updates.

  10. ES says:

    I didn’t see this mentioned but found what looks like a little bug.

    I set up a carousel with speed dials which shows the contacts picture ID but when it dials the picture ID does not show up. I tested using a speed dial outside of the app and the contact ID shows up.

  11. Lior Gonnen says:

    I tested it on my HTC Magic, and it works fine, but I’ve added it to my to-do list for further testing.
    Thanks for the heads-up.

  12. cliff says:

    I have the same problem on the Droid

  13. ES says:

    I am on a Droid as well.

  14. ES says:

    Installed this on my HTC ERIS and the contact picture ID problem I have on the Droid is not there on the ERIS.

    Also, I noticed it runs smoother on my Eris than on the Droid. Again, I believe HOME++ Beta is the culprit. When I switch out of HOME++ it seems to run smoother on the Droid.

  15. Lior Gonnen says:

    Thanks for this info. It’s very helpful.

  16. ES says:

    I have high hopes for this app, I really like the way it looks, thank you for your responses.

    FYI, I will probably uninstall HOME++ when 2.1 is pushed to the Droid.

  17. cliff says:

    Any luck on the motor Droid.transparency problem?

  18. ES says:

    I was messing with my HTC Eris some more last night and even with HOME++ uninistalled on my Droid, the app is much more responsive on the ERIS.

  19. ES says:

    Was the fix for the droid lag fixed? I didnt see it in the change log.

  20. Steve says:

    Lior, THANK YOU!
    I just downloaded the pro version. I ended up having to use apkinstaller. (I figured I screwed up something).
    The transparency is working fine with my Droid & the pro version. This program is functional eye candy.

  21. janie says:

    I have a Samsung droid through sprint my question is will i be charged to use everytine I call someone in my ultimatefaves app. Reason I am asking is because when you download app it says you will be charged to make phone call……..I’m confused. Please reply to me as soon as possible I would appreciate it. Thank-you. ..

    • Lior Gonnen says:

      Hi Janie,
      UltimateFaves allows you to create “direct-call” items in your carousels. These are items that once pressed will initiate a phone-call to the associated number. In order to give you such functionality, You must give UltimateFaves the permission to make a phone call. Since when you make a phone call, you pay to you cellular provider, this permission is listed by Android as “Services that cost you money – Make phone calls”.

      You will never pay for UltimateFavesPRO even a single cent more than the money you paid to purchase it.
      Each time you make a phone call using the app, your will be charged by your cellular provider in the same way you would be as if you opened your phone’s dialer and dialed that same number, or went to your phone’s contact list and called one of your contacts.

      UltimateFaves just makes this process easier and more convenient.

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