UltimateFavesPRO 2.6 – with Home Screen Integration!

UltimateFavesPRO 2.6 introduces a special new MultiTasking feature: It integrates seamlessly with your favorite home app, and allows you to launch any carousel anytime, anywhere, simply by double tapping the Home button on your phone!

After installing the update, when you first press Home, the following dialog will be displayed:

Set UltimateFavesPRO as your home-screen app.

Since this is the first time,  a configuration wizard will be displayed: In the first step, select your favorite home app from the list.

Step 1: Select your favorite Home app

If this is the first time you installed the application and you don’t have any carousels defined, the following screen will be displayed:

Step 2: If you don't have any carousels defined, the default one will be displayed.

You can always start the wizard again by pressing menu -> Settings -> Home screen settings after you have created a few carousels, and then the screen would look like this:

Step 2: Select the carousel you want to pop when double-tapping the Home button

This is where you select the carousel you want to launch when you double-tap the Home button.

The final step is only relevant if you reached the wizard from the settings screen, and you currently have another default home app set as default:

Step 3: Only relevant if you started the procedure from the settings menu, and not by pressing home)

After pressing done, follow the on screen instructions if needed, and you’re all set: Double-tap the Home button and you can access your carousels from anywhere!

Suggestions for usage:

  • Launch your Settings carousel to quickly enable Wifi / GPS when needed without leaving your current application
  • Reading an article on the web? Doing something important, but need to quickly send an e-mail? SMS? Make a call? Launch your predefined carousel with your frequent contacts, numbers, etc. After that you can return to what you were doing.
  • Launch the running-tasks/processes carousel to quickly kill an application and free up memory on your phone, you can display up to 16 apps at once instead of the standard 6 (or 8 on Froyo)
  • MultiTasking is only limited to your imagination!

What else is new in v2.6?

  • Long-press the Search button to launch your last used-carousel.
  • More carousel speeds!
  • Improved carousel speed handling.
  • Updated PayPal library.

2 Responses to UltimateFavesPRO 2.6 – with Home Screen Integration!

  1. Jim Coleman says:

    Just downloaded 2.6. Great App, so far the best I have seen to launch tasks. Microsoft should license it to replace their “start” button.

    Everything seems to work well with two exceptions. First, if I launch a carousel and switch from portrait to landscape my live wallpaper does not start in the new position. As soon as I exit the carousel the live wallpaper starts. I have tried this with a few different live wallpapers.

    Second, on my DroidX running LauncherPro 40 and UltimateFavesPRO 2.6 I cannot get the double tap home button action to launch a carousel. There is no option I can find in the settings section to select LauncherPro 40 or UltimateFavesPRO. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Lior Gonnen says:

      Hi Jim,

      1. About the live wallpapers:
      I’ve tested this feature on my HTC Desire running Froyo, with several live wallpapers. Tests were performed twice: once with HTC Sense, and once with LauncherPro. it works very perfectly with HTC Sense, but doesn’t work with LauncherPro. UltimateFavesPRO doesn’t do anything that might interfere with your live wallpaper, but as opposed to most applications, it’s transparent, so the fact that a live wallpaper doesn’t animate behind it simply becomes obvious.
      Might be a good idea to inform the developer of LauncherPro about this.

      2. In order to use the double-tap-home feature, you must make UltimateFavesPRO your default home screen app. In order to do this, from your home screen, press Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> LauncherPro -> Clear Defaults. After that, press Home, and select “UltimateFavesPRO” from the list, that’s it!

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