A New Web-site :-)

From now on, all updates will appear exclusively on the new site.



2 Responses to A New Web-site :-)

  1. chris carrington says:

    after installation my droid x is now frozen….what to do? i can’t see anything or go anywhwere except on carosel

    • Lior Gonnen says:

      If you just launched the application, simply click ‘Back’ or ‘Home’ to exit.
      If you are using UltimateFavesPRO as your home replacement, follow these steps:
      1. Select Menu -> Add Items -> Android shortcut -> Settings -> Manage Applications
      2. Now, back to the carousel, click on the “Manage applications” shortcut you just added, and select “UltimateFavesPRO” from the list.
      3. Click on “Clear Defaults”
      4. Press “Home”
      5. Select any home app *other* than UltimateFavesPRO.

      That’s it!

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