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Create carousels that contain:

  • Contact cards
  • Apps
  • Direct-call numbers
  • Direct-SMS numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Bookmarks


Launch any carousel anytime, anywhere, simply by double tapping your phone’s Home button with the new ‘Home Screen Integration‘ feature!


Create system carousels:

  • Carousels that contain recently used tasks.
  • Carousels that contain current running tasks.
  • Carousels that contain current running processes.
  • Carousels that contain system-settings.

Quickly switch between apps, or use the context-menu for each item to kill apps and processes to save memory, uninstall apps and more. UltimateFavesPRO is the best looking app-organizer and task-killer for Android, hands-down!

Main features:

  • Integrates with your home screen: Launch any carousel by double tapping the home button!
  • A unique and highly customizable user-interface.
  • Excellent replacement for Live Folders.
  • Create as many carousels as you wish!
  • Each carousel can hold up to 16 items.
  • Each item in the carousel has its own unique context-menu with additional commands.
  • Give each carousel its own name.
  • Create desktop shortcuts to specific carousels.
  • Beautiful fast animation with OpenGL graphics!
  • Control the carousel with your finger, trackball or D-Pad.

Create the following carousel types:

  • User defined – Put any combination of apps, contact-cards, bookmarks, direct-calls, direct-sms and direct-email items in the carousel.
  • Running tasks carousel – Displays the current running tasks, letting you switch between tasks, kill tasks, and uninstall applications.
  • Recent tasks carousel – Displays the last 16 used tasks (as opposed to Android’s default 6 when long-pressing home).
  • Running processes carousel – Displays the current running processes, letting you kill background processes (including system processes).
  • Settings carousel – Quickly enable / disable Wi-Fi, 3G data, bluetooth, ringer vibration and more.

Accessible in every way you can think of:

  • Launch by double-clicking the Home button. (“Home screen integration“)
  • Launch by long-pressing the Search button.
  • Launch from the notification tray.
  • Launch using the camera button.
  • Launch using shortcuts to specific carousels.

Supports the following customization options:

  • Auto-launch on start-up.
  • Custom carousel speed.
  • Custom carousel icon size.
  • Custom show/hide labels.
  • Custom show/hide info-bar.
  • Custom show/hide carousel-name.
  • The above carousel settings can be defined globally OR per-carousel!
  • Custom screen orientation (portrait / landscape / automatic).
  • Custom background type (gradient / solid color).
  • Custom background color.
  • Custom background transparency
  • Custom rotation vibration (enabled / disabled)
  • Custom selection vibration (enabled / disabled)
  • Up / down swipe gestures to switch between carousels
  • Gestures can be enabled / disabled.
  • Enable / disable pop in/out animations.

Upcoming features:

Custom icons – Let users choose custom icons for each item in the carousel, and the home-screen shortcuts. (Icon packs will be available free on the Android market)

  • Want to comment? Request features? You can do it on the blog page

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