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UltimateFavesPRO lets you organize your favorite contacts, phone numbers, applications and
bookmarks in 3D carousels for a quick and fun access at the tips of your fingers!
You can create as many carousels as you wish. Each carousel can hold up to 16 items.
You can put shortcuts on your home screen to access specific carousels.
Switching between carousels
1. Long-press anywhere in the upper half of the screen.
2. Tap on the carousel name at the top of the screen.
3. Click on Menu -> Switch Carousel.
Controlling the carousels
You can swing the carousel using your finger (fling right or left anywhere on the screen),
using the trackball or D-pad.
To perform the default operation for an item in the carousel, simply
tap on the item with your finger, or select it with the D-pad or trackball, and click.
The carousel must be stopped completely in order to react to clicks.
Stopping the carousel
If you are using your finger to swing the carousel, you can bring it to a complete stop, simply
by tapping anywhere on the screen.
Carousel item commands
For additional options, long-click on an item. A contextual menu will be displayed.
Menu options
1. Edit Carousels – Opens a sub menu with the following items:
a. Create New Carousel – To create a new carousel.
b. Delete Carousel – Delete the current active carousel.
c. Rename Carousel – Assign a new name to the carousel and its associated widgets.
d. Edit Items – Remove selected items from the carousel.
2. Add Items – Opens a menu which lets you choose the type of items you want to add to the carousel
3. Remove All – Remove all items from the current carousel.
4. Switch Carousel – Opens a list of all carousels. Simply tap on the carousel you want to switch to.
You can also access this functionality by long-pressing on the upper half of the screen.
5. Settings – Additional application settings.

You can place shortcuts to access a specific carousel on your home screen.
To add a shortcut, long-press the home screen, select Shortcuts -> UltimateFavesPRO, and then
select the desired carousel to access with the shortcut.

Have any questions? issues? want to report a bug? please e-mail me:
I promise a quick response!
Enjoy the application!


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