Change Log



  • Added missing permission for GPS.


  • Fixed a bug caused by the new PayPal library.


  • Home screen integration – Double tap the Home button to launch any carousel!
  • Long-press the Search button to launch last used carousel.
  • More carousel speeds!
  • Improved carousel speed handling.
  • Updated PayPal library


  • Free and PRO versions combined into a single .apk!
  • In-app purchase using PayPal.
  • New plugin infrastructure.
  • New infrastructure for many upcoming features.
  • Support for Android 2.0+ contacts and accounts.
  • Improved OpenGL rendering using VBO’s.
  • Android 2.2 (Froyo) ready.
  • Bug fixes.


  • When dialog issues with screen orientation changes.
  • When renaming a carousel and screen orientation changes, EditView content is maintained.

v1.1 (See the blog entry)

  • Create home screen SHORTCUTS to specific carousels.
  • Home screen widgets were removed, shortcuts to a much better job.
  • Added pop-in / pop-out animation.
  • When a carousel item is clicked in will launch even if the carousel is still moving.
  • Custom carousel speed.
  • Custom carousel icon size.
  • Custom show/hide labels.
  • Custom show/hide info-bar.
  • Custom show/hide carousel-name.
  • The above carousel settings can be defined globally OR per-carousel!
  • Custom screen orientation (portrait / landscape / automatic).
  • Custom background type (gradient / solid color).
  • Custom background color.
  • Custom background transparency
  • Custom rotation vibration (enabled / disabled)
  • Custom selection vibration (enabled / disabled)
  • Added up / down swipe gestures to switch between carousels
  • Gestures can be enabled / disabled
  • Enable / disable pop in/out animations.

v1.0.2 (See the blog entry)

  • Fixed gluProject to work with all screen resolutions.
  • DROID is now supported.
  • Using high-resolution textures (Up to 128×128).
  • When an item is selected, its text ‘pops’ out with the image.
  • Added ‘show labels’ and ‘show info’ buttons in the info-bar (See pictures in the blog entry).
  • Replaced the default bookmark icon to a 96×96 resolution icon.

v1.0.1 (See the blog entry)

  • Carousel name now appears as part of the info bar.
  • Carousel name can be clicked to launch switch-carousel dialog.
  • When adding new items, list appears immediately without pre-fetching the items. Items are loaded on-the-fly in a separate thread.
  • Widget configuration will automatically switch to portrait orientation.
  • Carousel angle is saved (only for application, not for widgets).
  • Disabled saving icons to database until custom-icons feature is ready.


  • Redesigned from the ground up!
  • New OpenGL graphics engine.
  • Uses Sqlite databases to store all carousel info.

UltimateFaves – basic

v2.1 (See the blog entry)

  • Based on UltimateFavesPRO v1.1.1, but limited to two carousels only.

v2.0 (See the blog entry)

  • A completely new application!
  • Based on UltimateFavesPRO v1.0.1, but limited to two carousels only.

v1.0 (See the blog entry)

  • Removed “foggy blue” background to save up a full screen size bitmap. Replaced with additional color settings.
  • Background service now stays constantly in memory (not only when quick notification access is enabled) to allow quicker access at all times.
  • Application now ignores “orientation” and “keyboardHidden” configuration changes to prevent it from restarting when this configuration changes happen.
  • While running the application ignores screen orientation change.
  • When “Exit on selection” is selected in settings, and an item is selected, move the application back in the activity stack, instead of performing full exit (finish).
  • Added percentage display to progress dialog when loading lists (of contacts / applications / etc.).

v0.9.9 beta

  • Improved widget icon
  • Bug fix with show/hide carousel name setting
  • Added donate link in menu
  • Added blog link in menu

v0.9.8 beta (See the blog entry)

  • Fixed a few OutOfMemoryError crashes.
  • Fixed possible crash when a SecurityException is thrown stating the the permission ‘’ is missing (seen on donut 1.6 with CyanogenMod 4.1.1). An appropriate message is displayed to the user
  • Lower memory footprint
  • Custom carousel names with configurable show/hide settings (via Menu -> Settings -> Show carousel names)
  • Added home screen widgets to launch specific carousels

v0.9.7 beta (See the blog entry)

  • Application is now retained in memory for quicker access. (Configurable via Menu->Settings->Advanced settings).
  • Some minor memory tweaks to reduce garbage collection when launching selection lists.

v0.9.6 beta

  • Bug fixes
  • Added direct e-mail support
  • Added direct text messaging support
  • Selection lists now display additional information (such as e-mails / phone numbers / bookmark URL’s)

v0.9.5 beta

  • Custom background (Menu -> Settings -> Application background)
  • Custom carousel speed (Menu -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Carousel max speed)

v0.9.4 beta (See the blog entry)

  • New preferences screen available from Menu -> Settings with the following custom settings:
  • Quick access from the notification bar.
  • Enable quick access notification on startup.
  • Quick access using the camera button.
  • Exit on selection: Exit the application when an item is clicked and launched, or keep running.
  • Carousel vibration – Haptic feedback to carousel rotation.
  • Custom icon sizes

v0.9.3 beta

  • Animation frame rate improved by 20%

v0.9.2 beta

  • Added direct-call support
  • Added bookmark support

v0.9.1 beta

  • Bug fixes

v0.9 beta

  • Completely rewritten under the hoods
  • New animation mechanism, working with SurfaceView instead of a regular view
  • New scrolling mechanism (when switching between carousels)
  • New menus
  • Carousels can now contain both applications and contacts.
  • Carousel items now have a long-click context menu
  • Added overlays for direct-call and contact-card icons

v0.8.2 beta

  • Added image caching for application selection list, and contact selection list for smoother scrolling.

v0.8.1 beta

  • Fixed contacts selection list

v0.8 beta

  • First public beta
  • Two separate carousels, one for contacts, one for applications

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