A Series Of Updates Is On Its Way…

December 23, 2009

A series of 3 great updates is on its way to UltimateFavesPRO. These updates will give UltimateFavesPRO a huge benefit over its younger brother UltimateFaves. I’ll just throw in a smidgen of information. Each update will get its own post soon:

  1. Upcoming update – New carousel types: Carousels that show the recently used tasks, current running tasks, and current running processes, allowing you do kill applications and processes, and uninstall applications, making UltimateFavesPRO a worthy replacement to your favorite task-manager.
  2. Next update – Custom icons!!! This is going to be such a great update, with free icon packs available for download from the Android market. You’ll love it!
  3. 3rd update is going to include in-depth support for Android 2.0 accounts, giving you more control over the contacts and phone numbers you put in your carousels and some other Android 2.0 related surprises.

Of course each of the updates will include bug fixes. Thanks for all the users who are sending me mails with suggestions, requests, and issues, and of course your great feedback. These updates are for you!


A Common Question from Motorola Droid Users

December 9, 2009

Every other day I get an e-mail from a Motorola Droid user, saying that when trying to add a contact-card / phone to the carousel, the list of contacts is empty.

If you encounter this problem, simply follow these steps:

  • Make sure that all your contacts have a default number assigned to them.
  • A default number is denoted by a small check-mark next to the number.
  • To assign a default number, open the Contacts app, edit the contact, long-press the desired number, and select ‘Make default number’.
  • Go to the contacts tab, click on Menu -> Account, and make sure that the relevant accounts appear under ‘Accounts to display’.

UltimateFavesPRO Affiliate Program

December 6, 2009

I’ve started an affiliate program for UltimateFavesPRO. Help me promote the application, and share the profits!

Visit the Affiliates page, and select a banner to put on your site. You will earn money from every user directed by your banner and buys the application. It’s as simple as that.

The rest of the details can be found here.

UltimateFavesPRO 1.1 / UltimateFaves 2.1

November 22, 2009

UltimateFavesPRO v1.1 / UltimateFaves v2.1 are all about customization, here are just random examples of how a carousel can look on your screen:

Control background color, type, transparency, icon size, and so much more...

You will not find UltimateFavesPRO in the add widget window anymore, instead you can find it in the add shortcuts dialog, to create shortcuts to specific carousels:


The new direct-shortcuts will obviously fit perfectly to your home screen

The new direct-carousel-shortcuts will fit perfectly to your home screen

Application Settings

  • Quick access notification – Put an ongoing notification icon, to access the application anytime, anywhere
  • Enable on startup – Put the quick access notification immediately when your phone starts.
  • Camera quick access – For G1 users: Use the camera button to launch the applicatiom.
  • Exit on selection – Once a carousel item is clicked, the application can automatically exit, or wait for you until you press back and return to it.

Settings screen - Part 1

Carousel Settings

  • Carousel speed – Select the maximum carousel speed in degrees/second.
  • Use global settings – Apply global settings to all carousels, or use per-carousel settings.
  • Carousel specific settings – When the above option is unchecked, customize specific carousel settings.
  • Show labels – Show labels under carousel items.
  • Show info bar – Show additional info when a carousel item is selected.
  • Show carousel name – Show the carousel name at the top of the screen
  • Carousel icon size – Customize the icon size

Settings Screen - Part 2

User-Interface Settings

  • Background type – Solid color or gradient
  • Background color – It’s a matter of taste 🙂
  • Background transparency – Anything from transparent to opaque.
  • Screen orientation – Fixed portrait, Fixed landscape, or automatic.

Settings Screen - Part 3

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Why Isn’t UltimateFavesPRO On The Android Market?

November 19, 2009

Update: This post is out-dated. UltimateFavesPRO can be downloaded directly from the market 🙂

I get daily e-mails from users asking me why don’t I publish UltimateFavesPRO on the Android market?

The answer is very simple: I wish I could but I simply can’t. In order to publish paid apps on the Android market you need a Google Checkout account, and since I’m not a US resident, I cannot open one!

So I looked for an alternative solution, and eventually the application is available for purchase right here on the blog, using PayPal. Maybe you don’t find this the ideal solution for you, and like I said, publishing on the Android market would be my first choice as well. So if you like UltimateFaves and wish to buy UltimateFavesPRO, please don’t let it stop you. Once Google Checkout will open up to more countries I will publish on the Android market as well.

Custom Settings – It’s The Name Of The Game!

November 18, 2009

The next release of UltimateFavesPRO and UltimateFaves is going to include tons of custom settings.
Here’s the current list:

  • Background type (solid-color / gradient)
  • Background transparency
  • Background color
  • Custom carousel speed
  • Custom icon size
  • Full control over screen orientation
  • Rotation on vibration
  • Rotation on selection
  • Up/Down swipe gestures
  • Show / Hide lables
  • Show / Hide carousel names
  • Show / Hide info-bar

In addition to the already existing settings:

  • Quick access notification
  • Enable on startup
  • Camera quick access
  • Exit on selection

Stay tuned 🙂

Buying UltimateFavesPRO

November 17, 2009


You can now buy UltimateFavesPRO directly on the blog using PayPal, Simply click on “Buy” above, or follow this link.

Once the payment is confirmed, the download link will be sent to you via e-mail.
When an update is available, you will receive an e-mail with a download link as well.

You may find UltimateFaves useful and suitable for your needs or not, everyone has a different taste, different requirements, and like to do things their own way. Anyhow, if you do find it useful, please buy it. I’ve spent hundreds of hours in development of this high-quality application. And selling it for 1.49$ is practically giving it away for free.